Logwood Purple Silk Scrunchie
Group of silk hair scrunchies on display with Nightshades cards

Logwood Purple Silk Scrunchie

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Be gentle when pulling back your hair by using pure silk charmeuse scrunchies.

  • sewn and naturally dyed in Johnson City, Tex., including hand stitching the closure; dyed with Logwood
  • 100% Silk, 20mm, charmeuse (except Velvet - Silk and Viscose)
  • Standard scrunchie size
  • get in on it, even/especially if you remember scrunchies the first time around! 

Don't be mean to your hairs with scrapey scratchy breaky old rubber bands.  Don't be mean to your eyes with blah synthetic colors.  Use real silk naturally dyed scrunchies.  Especially if you have color or keratin treated hair, a silk scrunchie is your friend.  Especially if you put your hair up in a topknot every night (or day), a silk scrunchie is your friend.  I started creating these at the request of my hair stylist for her salon, and they have been really fun to make.  Raise your scrunchie game!