Silk Pillowcase - Catkin Sparkle
Silk Pillowcase - Catkin Sparkle
Silk Pillowcase - Catkin Sparkle

Silk Pillowcase - Catkin Sparkle

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This is the one you sleep on every night.

  • sewn and naturally dyed in Johnson City, Texas from 100% Grade A Silk Charmeuse, 20mm weight (nice and substantial)
  • one queen/standard size (29" x 20") pillowcase with a deep envelope closure in one end for a full sleeping surface on both sides 
  • naturally dyed using non-toxic natural dyestuffs, with a focus on local and sustainable sources.  This pillowcase is dyed with Avocado pits and Pecan catkins.  It is a lovely soft pink with a spring green catkin imprint dancing across it.  This design is totally seasonal- only possible during springtime when the Pecan trees are in bloom.  Only the bright green catkins give strong dye color, so it's a short window for these beauties.  
  • secret Dream Pocket!   Holds whatever you need to sleep on tonight - your crystals, prayers, mantras, wishes, dreams.  No other pillowcase has this superstellar feature.  Sent to you pre-loaded with a small surprise! 
  • strong and luxurious French seams
  • Easy Does It care - hand or gentle machine wash with cool water and pH neutral soap; air dry.   Detailed care information is found on the FAQ page. 

Sleeping on silk is a healthy step you can take for your hair and skin, and it feels like a dream, cool and so soft.  The nature of protein fibers and the smooth charmeuse weave combine to reduce hair frizz and reduce drag on skin.   A silk pillowcase does not pull moisture from hair or skin the way other fibers do.  Less frizz and creasing!  The natural dyes used are non-toxic for you, the dyer, and the environment.  Natural colors have a depth and luminosity not found in synthetic dyes and are part of the cycle of life.  Light feeds plants, plants produce colors of layered frequencies and good vibrations, positive energy under your head, positive energy back into world.  Sleeping on a naturally dyed silk pillowcases is an easy way to add a little extra comfort and nurturing to your everynight life. 

Please enquire for other sizes or custom orders.